Order Banners

Order Banners

We provide affordable advertising for small and medium-sized companies, businesses and social enterprises. Your custom advert decals are fitted to the rear or side windows of domestic vehicles that are out on the road all day, every day.

What you need to do!

To market your products or services ..

Subscribe to one of our fixed rate packages at an affordable quarterly, six-monthly or annual rate.

Once fitted in vehicles your promotion will be whizzing around the streets of the West Midlands!

If you operate vehicle fleets or company cars, we have a separate service that may be of interest to you.

Our Quick Guide ..

What will your banner look like?

The banners will consist of your company or organisation name and / or logo, telephone & email contact, your website address and brief strapline. 

All banner content will be in unobtrusive gray on custom made transparent car decals (see sample) mounted in the rear or side windscreen of domestic vehicles.

How long will the banners be in circulation?

The minimum period is 3 months. Alternatively you can take out a subscription for 6-months or for a full year.
We are happy to discuss other flexible options.

If you use our vehicle branding option there is a one-off fee for design and a permanent fitting of your decals. 

Are there any discounted offers?

Absolutely, yes. If you agree to place our banner on your website or blog we offer a 10% reduction for our standard service packages. Contact us for more information >

How do you get started?

There is a one-off registration fee of £20.00 and a design fee of £30.00 for each individual banner template. See the pricing page for all available package rate options.
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