Display Banners

Display Banners

Earn extra cash just by driving your own car as you would normally.
No gimmicks or catches - you drive your car and we'll pay you for the pleasure. You will also be helping to grow our local economy by publicizing local and regional products and services.

What you need to do!

To start earning some extra income ..

Just register for an ADVATIZE Subscription, sit back, (quite literally) and earn as you drive ..  That's It!

Drivers will earn a fixed commission of £60.00 for each full quarter (3 month period) that a promotional banner is displayed on their vehicles. Earn per vehicle and not just per household!

It's all flexible - you can opt-out at any time.
(conditions apply to early opt-out)

Our Quick Guide ..

What is fitted to your vehicle?

We will fit and exchange high-quality, custom made transparent banner decals to your rear or side windscreen (see sample here) at no charge.

How long is the banner on your vehicle?

The minimum period is normally 3 months. If customers have adverts removed from their vehicle before 3 months only partial commission is payable.

Can you choose the type of advert?

Absolutely, yes. We have a growing number of categories that you can choose from. Simply select your preferred category with a member of the ADVATIZE team.

What types of vehicles are suitable?

Any vehicle really; A car, van or minibus or whatever! 
There is a small one-time Service Administration fee of £12.00 to register each vehicle. See pricing page.
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