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We provide affordable promotion for small and medium-sized companies, businesses and social enterprises, whilst also providing opportunities for domestic drivers to earn extra income by displaying our unobtrusive adverts in their rear or side windscreens.

What we do in brief!

It's quite simple really ..

We provide our trading and service provider customers the opportunity to have a promotional transparent banner placed in domestic vehicles to give them the exposure needed at an affordable quarterly, six-monthly or annual rate.

Drivers earn a fixed commission for each quarter that an advert is displayed on their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions ..

In what areas do you provide your services?

We currently provide our service across Birmingham, Solihull and some surrounding Black Country regions.

What trading and service providers qualify?

These can be anything from florists, web designers, plumbers, caterers, charitable agencies or sole traders.

What are your service fees?

Trading and service providers pay fixed fees over defined periods. Drivers pay a very small one-time registration fee.

Who can display your promotional banner?

Any vehicle really; A car, van or minibus or whatever! We will fit your banner for FREE and then all you need do, is drive. Adverts are unobtrusive and doesn't affect visibility.

Can I monitor my ADVATIZE account?

Yes you can! Whether you are a domestic or business customer you can track your activity and purchase orders via a password protected customer login.

How are banners fitted to my vehicle?

These can be fitted at your home, place of work or at selected fitting centres. We can also send out a DIY kit with full instructions to fit them yourself.

Our Service Options

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